Interlibrary Loan


The purpose of interlibrary loan service is to provide patrons with access to material not owned by Everett Public Library.


  1. Patrons who have a current library card that is clear of charges.
  2. Patrons must reside within the city limits of Everett.


  1. A total of ten requests may be filled or pending at a time, per patron record.
  2. Patron is responsible for any lending fees as determined by the charging library. Payments for materials must be made before the patron uses the item.
  3. Patron will abide by terms and conditions of the lending library including charges for lost or damaged materials.
  4. If item is not picked up by patron within the agreed loan period the item will be returned and any fees incurred will be charged to the patron account.

Reviewed as to form
Date/Everett City Attorney
Approved by Board of Trustees,
Everett Public Library
Date/Library Board President
Revised May 20, 1997
Revised November 6, 2002
Revised July 16, 2009
Revised June 21, 2011
Revised 2021