Printing | Copying | Scanning

Printing, copying and scanning services are currently limited.  For questions, please call the Main Library at 425-257-8000 or the Evergreen Branch at 425-257-8250.

Printing Services

We are offering Curbside Pickup of printed documents.  All documents need to be picked up within 24 hours of the request.  Documents that have not been retrieved after 24 hours will be shredded.

Steps for Curbside Pickup

1. Send your Print job to the library

2. Wait 5 minutes

3. Call the reference desk to confirm receipt of the document, and arrange a pickup time within 24 hours

  • Main Library Reference: (425) 257-8000
  • Evergreen Branch Reference: (425) 257-8250

3. Call the circulation desk when you arrive, and we will bring it out to you

  • Main Library Circulation: (425) 257-8010
  • Evergreen Branch Circulation: (425) 257-8260

Options for Sending Print Jobs to the Library

1. Print Online

  • Main Library.  Send the document to our printer using this online tool: Main Library Print Jobs.
  • Evergreen Branch.  Attach the document to an email and send it to  
    • Note: The Evergreen Branch does not have a color printer.  For color printing, send it to the Main Library through the online tool.

2. Print by Email

3. Print with an App (Main Library only)

  • Download the PrinteronApp at the App Store for iOS or the Google Play store for Android.
  • Open the app, and tap in the lower section that says "No Printer Selected."
  • Tap the "Search" button in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Search for Everett Public Library
  • Choose the appropriate printer (Black/White/Color, 1/2 Sided, Letter/Legal)
    • Note: You must select a printer for the Main Library.  (The Evergreen Branch is not set up yet.)
  • Choose which document you want to print by going in to the Documents, Photos, or Web section of the App.
  • Select Print when you are ready.
  • Enter your email address to confirm the print job.

Copying Services

Copying services are currently not available.

Scanning Services

Scanning services are currently not available.