Researching Buildings

Whether you've lived in a home for years or you just moved in, the Northwest History Room staff can help you learn a bit about the building's history. Using our collection of resources, we can often help owners, renters, and the plain curious, track down information about former occupants, when buildings were built, whether or not current parts of the building are original, and much more.

Our Resources

The Northwest History Room is the best place to start when researching Everett properties. We do have some resources for those interested in buildings in Snohomish County, but this area of our collection isn't as comprehensive. Other information may be found in the Snohomish County Public Works office (plats, deeds, mortgages), and the Snohomish County Assessor's Office. Unfortunately, early building permits in Snohomish County have not been retained, and blueprints are not on file.