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Director Evaluation

  1. Evaluate the Director based on the below criteria

    Scale of 1 to 5, 1 is low and 5 is high.

  2. Evokes trust and respect in dealing with others*

  3. Demonstrates ethical behavior, integrity, and openness*

  4. Takes personal responsibility*

  5. Sets high standards for quality products and services*

  6. Listens attentively to others*

  7. Actively engages others by soliciting their input*

  8. Coaches and actively develops team members*

  9. Contributes to a positive culture for EPL management and staff*

  10. Demonstrates strategic understanding of changing external environment*

  11. Builds strong relationships with key internal and external stakeholders*

  12. This evaluation is confidential, and the Director will receive results in the aggregate only. However, if you would like the Board to have the ability to follow-up with you on any of these questions, please enter your name.

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