Create @ Home | Arts and Crafts

Create @ Home brings our popular arts and crafts adult program home to you!

Scroll through to find a fun craft to take part in!

Paperback Pumpkins

Using an old paperback book, cut out a 3-D pumpkin shape and top it with a cork 'stem' and paper leaves.

Paper Pendants

Make festive and inexpensive 'lamp shades' or pendants using a string of lights, balloons, tissue paper, and paper mache techniques.

Hypertufa Planters

Try out making a lightweight planter using cement and other ingredients. This is a good outdoor project for adults and older kids.

July Journals

Learn how to create a file folder journal from supplies around your house. This project is fun for elementary age and to adult. 

Craft a Creature

Create gorgeous animal art with materials from your home! Elizabeth guides us through designing a collage from a photo of your favorite animal.

Funky Figures

It’s amazing what you can make with items found around your house! Learn how to create funky figures with bottles and paper mache.

Bubble Paint Cards

Mix up some bubble paint and have fun making patterns with this messy, all-ages summer craft.

Recycled Paper Coasters & Trivets

Here’s a project that can be done with materials you probably have around the house. This was scheduled to be a session of the Create @ the Library program series but since we are currently not able to do in-person programs, we are making some of them available online, so that you can... Create @ Home!

Book Folding Fun

Each April we do a recycled book themed art or craft project at the library to celebrate National Library Week, and this year, although the library is closed, we still wanted to share the project we had planned. 

Try out the art of book folding - a creative way of reusing books you won’t be reading again. This simple beginner’s pattern - a heart - can be done by anyone who can use a ruler and carefully fold a page. All you need is a book, ruler, and pencil!