Reading Challenge 2019

photo of stack of books with top book open and pages fanned out

Book lovers: Are you up for a challenge? Everett Public Library has just the thing for you — the 2019 Everett Public Library Reading Challenge!

The challenge, which is a yearlong list of topics from which readers choose a book to read each month, is designed as a fun way for our customers to explore a variety of genres and encourage a lifelong love of reading. 

Participants are encouraged to post a photograph of themselves holding the book (or just the book for those who are camera-shy) they’ve chosen for a particular month along with the hashtag #EVERETTREADS on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter. One photograph will be randomly chosen each month and winners will receive $25 Amazon gift cards. Prizes are sponsored by the Friends of the Everett Public Library.

  • January: Read a book that was made into a movie or TV show.
  • February: Read a book by Sy Montgomery.
  • March: Read a book set in another country.
  • April: Read a poetry book.
  • May: Read a memoir or biography.
  • June: Read a book with a vegetable or fruit in the title.
  • July: Read a book about American history (non-fiction/fiction).
  • August: Read a book involving a heist.
  • September: Read a book that was banned at some point.
  • October: Read a book set in the State of Washington.
  • November: Read a National Book Award winner.
  • December: Read the first book in a series.