Evergreen Branch Expansion

Color panorama photo of the Evergreen Branch

Latest Expansion News

  1. Bar graph of answers for Question 3 Which library services do you use?Hundreds of you took our online survey, or filled out a paper copy in one of our library locations to tell us what would make a bigger library a better library!
    Check out the multiple-choice answer graphs on the survey web page, or read the full results in PDF format!

Upcoming Meetings and Important Dates

Get a sneak preview of the preliminary design for the Evergreen Branch expansion. Architects from the design firm and Everett Public Library Board of Trustees will be present to hear your input, questions, comments and suggestions. Tuesday, May 16 at 7:00 p.m. in the Main Library Auditorium

Evergreen Branch Expansion Timetable

Date Activity
Summer 2016 Funding for design work approved by City Council
March 2017 Predesign services (program development, code review, etc.)
April 2017 Public input survey conducted
May 16, 2017 Design Preview and Library Board of Trustees Meeting with public  input, questions, comments and suggestions
April-June 2017 Schematic design (exterior design, preliminary floor plan, public meeting, revised floor plan)
June-Sept. 2017 Design development (colors and finishes, color board for display, etc.)
Sept.-Nov. 2017  Contract Documents (construction drawings, project manual, building permits, etc.)
Late 2018 Evergreen Branch Grand Re-Opening!