Snohomish County History

  1. Snohomish County Historic Sites

    The Places of the Past collection contains annotated photographs documenting the history of the buildings and places of Snohomish County. The Project draws on photograph collections and expertise from county heritage organizations and the Everett Public Library in an Internet-accessible image database format. Hear Everett Public Library Historian David Dilgard talk about the Snohomish County Courthouse and Forgotten Creek.

  2. Snohomish County People

    In 2011 Snohomish County celebrated its Sesquicentennial. During those one hundred and fifty years, thousands of people have left their mark in both positive and negative ways; people of the Snohomish and related tribes can point to contributions from even farther back. This collection presents information about individuals from Native habitation to the present day. We also present here a group of entries added through partnership with the Snohomish County Women’s Legacy Project and the League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations. You will be able to access basic information about some of our County women and connect to their longer written stories by visiting their websites.

  3. Snohomish County Women's Legacy Project

    n 2010 Washington State celebrated the centennial of its passage of Women’s Suffrage. To help celebrate this event, the legislature created a history initiative. Formed as the Women’s History Consortium of the Washington State Historical Society, the Women’s History Consortium brought together many groups within the state to collect and share Washington women’s history. Everett Public Library partnered in this project; collected here are the fruits of that collaboration.

  1. Oral History

    The Everett Public Library oral history collection began in 1974. The purpose was to preserve the memories of dozens of local senior citizens. Many of the original interviews in this collection captured the voices of individuals who arrived in Everett's earliest days. Their recollections are a remarkable connection to the formative years of the Everett community.

  2. Snohomish County Elections Committee

    The Snohomish County Elections Committee (SNOMEC) was cofounded by Charles Fay, Pat D'Willis, and Jeff W. Phillips. SNOMEC conducted face to face interviews with candidates for public office, seeking to assess their level of knowledge of and commitment to issues of importance to the GLBT (now LGBTQ) community. From these interviews rating sheets were prepared, mailed to voters, and distributed widely to the voters in every public library in Snohomish and Island counties. These interviews and ratings not only helped educate the candidates, but greatly raised awareness of all voters of the work that still needed to be completed.