Everett History

  1. Everett High School Nesika Collection

    Whether you want to learn more about a family member or just enjoy some vintage artwork, you can spend hours discovering new things in the pages of the Nesika. The Northwest Room staff hopes that this digital collection will help readers make a personal connection with local history for years to come.

  2. Evergreen Cemetery

    Platted in 1898, 100-acre Evergreen Cemetery has long been regarded as a local heritage resource of substantial value, not only as the final resting place of numerous prominent citizens, but also as a remarkable landscape comprised of century-old plantings and state champion trees.

  3. The Everett Massacre

    The Everett Public Library's special history collections contain photographs, oral history accounts and documents relating to The Everett Massacre. For reproductions, contact the Northwest Room.

  1. Sanborn Maps

    Founded in 1867 by Massachusetts surveyor Daniel Alfred Sanborn, The Sanborn Map Company created maps of U.S. towns for insurance assessment purposes until 1970. 12,000 communities were mapped by Sanborn and original copies are now archived in libraries and museums across the United States.

  2. Documents and Ephemera

    Many libraries, including the Everett Public Library, keep what are called pamphlet or vertical files. These include flyers, pamphlets, brochures, small booklets, and other textual ephemera, and can often be difficult to catalog and share with the public. Despite the challenges involved with organization, these materials offer a glimpse into the day-to-day stories of a community. In addition to their informational value, items in these collections are often works of art. Presented here is a growing collaborative collection of Snohomish County textual ephemera drawn from the Everett Public Library’s Northwest History Room and other County heritage collections.