Snohomish County Women's Legacy Project

collage of black and white photos from the Snohomish County Women's Legacy collection

We draw strength and inspiration from those who came before us; much of the Snohomish County story involves women. Transforming our culture, history, and politics, women have served as leaders, writers, scientists, educators, politicians, homemakers, mothers, artists, historians, movie stars, volunteers, and informed citizens.

Their spirit, courage, and talents have added to the richness and diversity of our lives. The Snohomish County Women’s Legacy Project began in 1998 as a group of volunteers to begin researching, interviewing, and writing about Snohomish County women.

In 2010 Washington State celebrated the centennial of its passage of Women’s Suffrage. To help celebrate this event, the legislature created a history initiative. 

Formed as the Women’s History Consortium of the Washington State Historical Society, the Women’s History Consortium brought together many groups within the state to collect and share Washington women’s history. Everett Public Library partnered in this project; collected here are the fruits of that collaboration. Enter a keyword or a name or simply browse the collection.