Using Your Card

Check-Out Periods

The length of the loan period depends on the type of material to be checked out.

Check-out periods are as follows:
  • 1 week - Fiction DVDs, Subject to Daily Late Fines
  • 3 week - Fiction TV Series DVDs, Subject to Daily Late Fines
  • 3 week - All other circulating material, Subject to Overdue Fines


Library materials may be renewed two times, either in person, by telephone or online providing there are no reserves for another patron.

Daily late fines still apply when renewing late fiction DVDs.


Circulating material currently checked out or on shelf at another location may be reserved.

Notification will be sent by email, telephone or mail, and items will be held for 5 days. 30 items may be reserved at any one time.

At this time Regional Library Card members can place a total of 3 holds.

Daily Late Fines

All Fiction DVDs including TV Series have a 50¢ per day late fine.

Overdue Policy

The library is a community resource. Please return materials by the due date so that others may use them.

The library sends reminder notices by email, telephone, or mail. When items are approximately 28 days past due a bill is sent for the price of each item plus a $3.50 per item overdue fine.

The cost of the material is waived if the item is returned, however, the overdue fine remains.

Accounts 30 days past the billing date that owe $25 or more in lost material and/or fines are submitted to Unique Collection Agency and charged an additional $20 collection fine.

Accumulating $25 or more in fines, access to library services will be restricted.

Material Type Hold & Check-Out Limits

  • 100 total item check-out limit
  • 10 Books on CD
  • 5 DVDs (Fiction)
  • 5 DVDs (Non-Fiction)
  • 25 Magazines
  • 10 Music CDs
  • 5 Playaways