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Biographies Index
Roman numerals indicate volume numbers. Portraits are noted with an asterisk.
Tackstrom, Andrew (Stanwood) IPC 981
Talbot, Dave A. (Everett/Snohomish vic.) WW II:377
Taro, William A. (Everett) WW II:36
Taylor, Alonzo S. (Everett) PHP II:520*
SH VI82*
Taylor, Charles E. (Monroe vicinity) WW II:485
Taylor, E.R. (Independent Truck, Everett) WW II 769
Terrill, William E. (Everett) PHP I:389
Tester, William N. (Monroe vicinity) WW II:729
Thayer, Lyman E.L. (Everett) WW II:5
Thedinga, Fred William (Monroe) BA 180
Theurer, John A. (Robe, Everett) BA 180 
IPC 1070 
WW II:38, 39*
Thomas, Benjamin (Snohomish) IPC 858
Thomle, Ivar S. (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:488
Thomle, Ottar A. (MD) (Everett) BA 181
WW II:148
Thompson, Alexander (Everett) WW II:17
Thompson, Carl (Arlington) IPC 1043
WW II:691
Thompson, George D. (Granite Falls) WW II:762
Thompson, Howard C. (Marysville vicinity) WW II:383
Thompson, James F. (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:68
Thompson, Nathan Lincoln (MD) (Everett) BA 181
Thompson, O.E. (Stanwood) WW II:314
Thompson, Ole (Marysville) WW II:364
Thompson, Thomas (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:542
Thomsen, Carsten (Arlington vicinity) WW II:508
Thomsen, Hans (Arlington) IPC 1040
Thomsen, Jens (Arlington) IPC 1023*, 1025
Thorsen, Halvor (Silvana) IPC 1016
WW II:402
Thorsen, Martin (Silvana) WW II:406
Thueson, Andrew (Everett, Marysville, Lowell, Snohomish & vicinity) WW II:479
Thurmond, Herbert L. (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:638
Tichbourn, William J. (Everett vicinity) WW II:289
Tidball, Jesse R. (Everett) WW II:218
Tierney, William H. (Everett, Silvana) WW II:654
Tjernagel, Helge M. (Stanwood) IPC 1013
Tolsma, Barney R. (Everett) WW II:17
Torgerson, Oscar A. (Everett) WW II:157
Tozer, George Austin (Everett) WW II:776
Tracey or Tracy, C.H. (Arlington) BA 183
WW II:606
Trafton, Clyde E. (Everett) WW II:608
Trapp, Ludwig (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:486
Trask, L.S. (MD) (Everett) WW II:645
Triesch, Lawrence Henry (Everett) BA 184
Tucker, Frank (Monroe vicinity) WW II:350
Tucker, Walter N. (Monroe vicinity) WW II:352
Tunem, Alfred (Stanwood) BA 185
Tuohy, Cedric E.M. (MD) (Snohomish) PH IV:837
WW II:86
Turner, Alexander S. (Marysville) HWW III:278
Turner, Charles A. (Everett) WW II:86
Turner, Frank A. (Everett) WW II:548
Turner, Gilbert L. (Snohomish) PHP I:599
Turner, William M. (Granite Falls) IPC 1063
Tveit, John H. (Everett vicinity, Arlington) WW II:641
Tvete, Nels K. (Arlington) IPC 1030
Tweedie, Gilbert H. (Snohomish) WW II:43
Ulrich, William F. (Index) HWW III:69
WW II:770
Unzelman, Louis H. (Everett) WW II:94
Urban, T.Venzel (Snohomish) IPC 856
Urstad, Oscar Herman (MD) (Stanwood) WW II:190, 191*
Vail, Charles Wesley (Everett vicinity) WW II:329
Vail, Charlie S. (Snohomish) IPC 884*, 885
Valde, Lars (Stanwood) WW II:466
Vanasdlen, John A. (Monroe) IPC 1084
WW II:362
Van de Walle, Tryphon F. (Snohomish) BA 185
Van Hemert, E.A. (Bell Auto Freight, Ev) WW II:585
Van Valey, A.L. (Everett) PHP II:32
WW II:42
Varey, Walter B. (Everett) WW II:110
Verd, Fred George (Arlington) WW II:381
Verd, William H. (Arlington) WW II:259
Vernon, James Mercer (Everett) IPC 918
PHP II:304*
Vestal, Samuel (Snohomish) IPC 866
WW II:122
Vetter, Gerhart M. (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:329
Vetter, Kurt Oscar (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:330
Vierhus, Alexander McK. (Everett) WW II:438
Vogel, Robert (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:296
Vognild, Knute (Silvana vicinity) WW II:407
Voss, Otto R. (MD) (Index) HWW III:518
Vredeveldt, John (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:218
Wadhams, Eugene O. (Everett & vicinity) WW II:268
Wagner, Frank William (Monroe) BA 187
Wagner Lumber Company (Monroe) WW II:358
Wagner, William F. (Arlington, Everett, Machias vicinity) WW II:604
Wahl, Edward L. (Silvana vicinity) WW II:472
Wahl, Sivert (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:759
Walen, P.J. (Silvana) WW II:206
Walker, George (Snohomish) IPC 870*, 871
Wallgren, Monrad C. (Everett) BA 188
Walling, W.B. (MD)(English) WW II:757
Walsh, W.W. (Everett) WW II:189
Walters, Harry A. (Lowell, Beverly Park) WW II:285
Walters, Henry D. (Monroe) IPC 1096
Walther, Rudolph B. (Everett vicinity) WW II:767
Walton, Clyde (Everett) WW II:224
Walton, Eslie Q. (Everett) WW II:153
Ward, William Harrison (Snohomish) IPC 831
Warner, Edwin C. (Everett) WW II:582
Warner, Ellis E. (Sultan) HWW III:247
Warner, John F. (Sultan) HWW III:246
IPC 1102
Warner, Robert T. (Everett) HWW III:486
Warren, Charles J. (Arlington) HWW II:250
WW II:85
Warren, Henry Perrigo (Arlington) BA 190
Warren, Myron (Sultan vicinity) WW II:599
Washburn, Ernest Russell (Marysville) BA 190
Washington Stove Works (Everett) WW II:117
Watson, J. Bruce (Monroe) WW II:483
Watson, John Aldolf (Snohomish) WW II:652
Watson, Thomas (Everett vicinity) WW II:42
Way, S.W. (Everett) WW II:649
Webb, O.T. (Everett) WW II:752
Weber, Emile E. (Everett) WW II:32
Weborg, Carl (Everett) HWW III:543
Weborg, Nels Edward (Everett) BA 190
Webster, George C. (Snohomish) WW II:343
Weerda, Gerhard (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:737
Weiser, Howard J. (Everett) WW II:662
Welever, Charles (Snohomish, Monroe vic.) WW II:233
Wellington, Giles L. (Sultan) IPC 1104
Wells, William A. (Everett) HWW III:629
WW II:131
Wendell, Albion M. (Arlington) HWW III:609
Wentworth, George W. (Everett) WW II:130
West, A.F. (Arlington Cooperative) WW II:378
Westberg, Victor M. (Everett) WW II:568
Westbrook, Herbert Douglas (Everett) IPC 923
West Coast Dairy (Everett) WW II:334
Westin, John (Granite Falls vicinity) WW II:750
Westover, Arthur M. (Marysville) IPC 946
Westover, William H. (Marysville) IPC 947
WW II:561
Weyerhaeuser Timber Company (Everett) WW II:222
Whalen, Jerry (Port Susan) WW II:630
Wheeler, Henry (Marysville vicinity) WW II:529
Whitcomb, David (Edmonds) BA 192
White, Chauncey R. (Everett) WW II:76
White, Edward T. (Everett) WW II:37
White, Francis A. (Everett) PHP II:524*
White, George W. (Everett) HWW II:317
White, J.H. (Everett) WW II:35
White, John S. (Snohomish) WW II:343
White, William C. (Monroe) IPC 1084
Whitfield, William (Snohomish) BA 193
HH II:662
IPC 846
PHP I:487
WW II:783
Whiting, C.L. (Snohomish?) portrait only?
WW II:227*
Wickstrom, John F. (Everett) HWW III:540
Wight, Edward Brockway (Everett) BA 194
Wiklof, Peter (Marysville vicinity) WW II:512
Wilbur, Jennie (Snohomish) WW II:89*
Wilbur, Lot (Snohomish) HH I:431*, 475
IPC 853
WW II:88, 89*
Willard, Ben (Stanwood) IPC 981
Willard, Christian (Stanwood) BA 194
Willhite, Alonzo Lincoln (Stanwood) IPC 992
WW II:365
Williams & McDonald (Everett) WW II:327
Williams, John Davis (Everett) BA 194
WW II:273
Williams, O.E. (Monroe) WW II:586
Williams, Owen (Machias, Everett vicinity) WW II:382
Williams, Raymond L. (Everett) WW II:327
Williams, Thomas (Lake Stevens) WW II:258
Williams, William J. (Monroe) WW II:139
Willson, Henry J. (Everett) WW II:78
Wilson, Arthur (Everett) WW II:112
Wilson, George H. (Everett) HWW III:192*
Wilson, Harvey Ervin (Everett) BA 195
Wilsted, Chris (Edmonds) IPC 954
Wingrove, Alonzo C. (Edmonds, Everett) PH III:262
Winter, William Neal (Everett) WW II:18, 19*
Witney, Charles Joseph (Everett) HWW III:424*
WW II:432, 433*
Witscher, Charles F. (Everett, Arlington) WW II:355
Wognild, Edward (Stanwood, Arlington) WW II:463
Wold, Christian N. (Everett) HWW III:327
Wolfe, Arthur Croydon (Sultan) BA 197
Wood, Joseph Duboise (Snohomish) IPC 845
Wood, Nora F. (Silver Lake) WW II:436
Woods, Salem (Monroe) HI 561
Woolworth, J.A. (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:701
Workman, Frank (Marysville) WW II:219
Worlund, Emanuel (Lowell, Lake Stevens) WW II:573
Wright, Parke A. (Snohomish) BA 198
WW II:321
Wright, W.D. (Snohomish) WW II:107
Yngve, Charles (Stanwood) WW II:83
Yost, Allen M. (Edmonds) IPC 951
Yost, Daniel Martin (Edmonds) BA 198
PH IV:777
Yost, John E. (Edmonds) WW II:440
Yost, Joseph S. (Edmonds, Arlington) WW II:629
Young, Alexander (Tulalip) WW II:728
Young, Fred R. (Sultan) WW II:381
Young, William H. (Sultan) WW II:438
Zahler, J.Otto (Mukilteo) WW II:236
Ziebell, Adolph G. (Marysville vicinity) WW II:352
Zimmerman, Peter (Everett) PHP II:337
Zorn, George Jacob (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:200

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