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Biographies Index
Roman numerals indicate volume numbers. Portraits are noted with an asterisk.
Paar, Michael (Lake Stevens) WW II:593
Pachin, Carolyn (Everett Business Coll.) IPC 885
Packard, Myron W. (Snohomish) IPC 845
Paddock, W.R. (Everett) WW II:260
Page, William S. (Everett) WW II:603
Paine, Sumner E. (Everett) WW II:327
Palmer, Lewis Crosby (Arlington) HWW III:28
Parker, Leroy (Everett) IPC 912
Parker, Theophilus B. (Oso vicinity) WW II:667
Parsons, Harry E. (Stanwood) WW II:61
Paschke, Bertram W. (Everett) HWW III:572
Patkanim (Snoqualmie tribe) NH I:76*, II:513
Pattison, Fred O. (Monroe) IPC 1086
Patty, John F. (Gold Bar vicinity) WW II:772
Paul, C.E. (Snohomish) HH I:373*, II:601
Paulson, Peter (Marysville) IPC 944
Payne, Albert (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:581
Payne, Arthur J. (Everett vicinity) WW II:520
Payne, William J. (Granite Falls, Everett) WW II:165
Pearl, James (Snohomish) WW II:52
Pearsall, George V. (Sultan) IPC 1104
Pearsall, Hiram Ellsworth (Monroe) WW II:184
Pearson, Daniel O. (Stanwood) IPC 975 
NH II:330*, 517 
WW II:27
Pearson, Petrus (Hazel) IPC 1080
Peden, Abraham (Snohomish) IPC 876
Pelky, Ned J. (Everett, Marysville) WW II:436
Pelton, John N. (Everett vicinity) WW II:556
Pendleton, Frank R. (Everett) HWW II:48 
PHP I:387 
SH VI:54*
Perry, Thomas C. (Gold Bar) HWW III:181
Person, Peter (Monroe) IPC 1090
Persun, Jackson H. (Arlington) IPC 1035
Peters, H.E. (Machias) WW II:290
Petersen, H.H. (Everett) WW II:296
Peterson, A.A. (Everett) WW II:549
Peterson, A. Louis (Sultan) IPC 1103
Peterson, Carl (Everett) WW II:32
Peterson, Carl A. (Everett) WW II:331
Peterson, Carl F. (Cedarhome) WW II:762
Peterson, Charles P. (Edmonds) IPC 950
Peterson, Jacob (Arlington) IPC 1036
Peterson, James P. (Everett, Snohomish vic., Lochsloy) WW II:315
Peterson, Nick (Sultan vicinity) WW II:464
Pfueller, Robert C. (Snohomish vicinity?) WW II:572
Phelan, John James (Everett) WW II:176
Phelps, Franklin E. (Monroe) IPC 1089 
WW II:536
Phelps, John E. (MD) (Arlington) PHP I:505
Philipsen, Thomas (Snohomish) IPC 854
Pickering, Elzy (Everett) WW II:129
Pickett, Lee (Index) WW II:779
Pierson, James R. (Hazel) IPC 1080 
WW II:704
Piles, Samuel H. (Stanwood, Snohomish) IPC 892
Pilz, William Joseph (Everett) BA 148
Plambeck, Nicholas (Everett) HWW III:218
Poier, Charles L. (Snohomish) WW II:331
Pollock, Andrew James (Gold Bar) WW II:183
Pollock, Herbert Watson (Everett) WW II:118
Pond, Irving J. (MD) (Arlington) HWW II:609
Poplack, David (Everett) HWW III:141
Porter, James R. (Snohomish) WW II:18
Powers, Jerome A. (Everett) BA 149   HWW III:135   WW II:9
Powers, Patrick Henry (Marysville) BA 150
Pratt, William Rutherford (Everett) IPC 918
Preston, George W. (Everett) WW II:546
Price, G.W. (Lake Stevens) WW II:232
Priebe, Samuel J. (Everett) WW II:309
Puget Sound Telephone Co (Everett) WW II:161
Pugh, John M. (Everett) WW II:283
Pullen, Ralph W. (Granite Falls) WW II:415
Purdy, Emery E. (Snohomish) WW II:62
Purdy, J. Spencer (MD) (Sultan, Everett) BA 151 
HWW II:509
Putnam, George W. (Everett, Edgecomb) W II:610
Quast, Cordt H. (Marysville) WW II:294
Quigley, Raymond A. (MD) (Everett) WW II:114, 115*
Quinn, Patrick F. (Everett) HWW II:632
Ramwell, Harry (Everett) WW II:756
Randall, William E. (Everett, Snohomish) HWW III:295
Randles, James Laurence (Granite Falls) HWW III:272
Rasmussen, John (Marysville vicinity) WW II:722
Rasmussen, William M. (Everett) WW II:41
Rathvon, Henry A. (Marysville) HWW III:251 
PHP I:501
Raven, Robert Sheldon (Marysville) BA 152
Rea, Oscar E. (Everett) PHP II:443
Ready, Richard (Everett) WW II:95
Reardon, Keiron William (Monroe) BA 152
Redding, Clifford R. (Index) IPC 1112
Reid, George A. (Arlington) WW II:105
Reinertsen, Ralph O. (Everett) WW II:758
Reinke, John C. (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:308
Reinseth, Ole O. (Arlington) IPC 1039 
WW II:541
Reinseth, Peder (Arlington) IPC 1039
Reinseth, Sivert (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:461
Reinstedt, Mathilda (south county) WW II:718
Reitze, Chester N. (Snohomish) PH III:101
Repp, John Henry (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:209
Requa, Walter J. (Everett) HWW III:492 
WW II:584
Rhoades, John F. (Snohomish) IPC 830
Rhoads, Harmon T. (MD) (Everett) WW II:148
Ribbeck, A.G. (Everett Fruit Products) WW II:305
Rice, Thomas (Everett) PHP I:586
Richards, John C. (Everett) WW II:456, 457*
Richards, Thomas N. (Snohomish) IPC 875
Riley, William N. (Everett) HWW II:634
Ritchie, Edwin C. (Norman vicinity) WW II:453
Ritter, A.J. (Everett) WW II:34
Ritter, David A. (Granite Falls) IPC 1060
Roark, Dell (Silvana) IPC 1020
Robb, John R. (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:723
Robbins, Herbert E. (Everett) PHP II:540*
Robbins, John M. (Marysville) IPC 957*, 960
Robbins, William E. (Everett) PHP II:540*
Robe, Truitt K. (Granite Falls) IPC 966*, 969
Roben, Clifford W. (Monroe) BA 156
Roberts, Frank (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:220
Roberts, Gray (Snohomish & vicinity) WW II:586
Robertson, Alexander (Florence) IPC 1008
Robertson, James A. (Edmonds) HWW II:485
Robinet, Jacob (Everett) IPC 927
Robinson, Harry H. (Snohomish) WW II:26
Robinson, Herbert L. (Everett) WW II:725
Robinson, Joseph D. (Marysville vicinity) WW II:269
Rockmark, Fred (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:303
Rod, Knut O. (Arlington) IPC 1042
Roesiger, Richard O. (Lake Roesiger) WW II:303
Rogers, Clarence W. (Everett) WW II:502, 503*
Rogers, Edgar M. (Everett) HWW III:291
Rogers, John T. (Everett) WW II:609
Rogers, Laura (Everett) WW II:503*
Rogers, Leonidust (Stanwood, Arlington) WW II:611
Rojahn, Richard C. (Stanwood, Oso, Arlington) WW II:689
Roose, N.H. (Arlington vicinity) WW II:633
Roscoe, C.T. (Everett) HH II:295*, 584 
WW II:139
Rose, J.William (MD)(Marysville) WW II:210
Rosquist, A.W. (Everett) WW II:93
Ross, Henry C. (Mukilteo, Florence, Warm Beach) WW II:533
Ross, William M. (Everett) PHP I:601
Rosselli, Antoine (Monroe vicinity) WW II:274, 275*
Rossman, John B. (Granite Falls) WW II:509
Roth, Charles (Arlington) IPC 1047
Roth, Gottlieb (Snohomish) IPC 864*, 865
Rouse, William (Stanwood) HWW III:88
Rowland, O.O. (Index) IPC 1113
Rucker, Jane M. (Everett) PHP II:184*
Rucker, Wyatt Jasper (Everett) WW II:788
Rudebeck, Nicholas (Everett) IPC 906
Rumbaugh, Marion J. (Everett) HWW II:374 
WW II:235
Rumbaugh, O.A. (Everett) BA 159
Ruthruff, Hugh C. (Oso) IPC 1074 
WW II:674
Ryan, Benjamin P. (Arlington) HWW III:625
Rydjord, Olaf (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:492, 493
Rydjord, Phena (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:493*
Rygg, Isaac A. (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:544

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