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Biographies Index
Roman numerals indicate volume numbers. Portraits are noted with an asterisk.
A (65 names)
Aalbu, Knute K. (Everett) HWW III:418
Aalbu, Ole K. (Everett, Silvana) WW II:702
Aamodt, Ole K. (Snohomish) BA 7
Abel, Anthony M. (Snohomish) PHP II:356
Acme Business College (Everett) IPC 884*,885
Agnew, Edward R. (Everett) WW II:320
Ahlgren, Olaf (Everett vicinity) WW II:231
Alcorn, James F. (Snohomish) WW II:35
Aldridge, William (Oso) IPC 1077
Allen, Charles Valentine (Everett) BA 8
Allen, Edwin M. (Lowell, Everett) PHP I:582
Allen, Harry J. (Everett) WW II:253
Allen, Mary G. (Lake Stevens) BA 9
PH IV:823
Allen, Orville R., M.D. (Lake Stevens) BA 9
PH IV:822
WW II:178
Allison, Harold T., M.D. (Granite Falls) WW II:554
Allison, Minard, M.D. (Monroe) WW II:355
Almvig, O.B., Jr. (Everett) WW II:92
Alston, Guy C. (Everett) IPC 921
Altman, Peter (Snohomish) WW II:566
Alverson, Ross D. (Everett) WW II:133
Ambler, Percy T. (Marysville vicinity) WW II:281
Amundson, Antone E. (south county) WW II:113
Amundson, Charles R. (Stanwood) WW II:21
Andersen, Hans (Lake Roesiger) WW II:760
Andersen, Peter (Everett) IPC 924
Anderson, Rev. A.V. (Everett) HWW III:228
Anderson, Andrew L. (Stanwood) WW II:644
Anderson, Almer M. (Everett) WW II:177
Anderson, Arthur Andrew (Everett) BA 10
Anderson, Charles A. (Marysville) IPC 943
Anderson, Erick (Arlington) WW II:687
Anderson, Erick O. (Silvana) IPC 1019
Anderson, Frans I. (Granite Falls, Sultan) WW II:480, 481*
Anderson, Frederick Spencer (Everett) WW II:70
Anderson, Fred P. (Granite Falls) IPC 1064
Anderson, George W. (Granite Falls) IPC 1067
WW II:272
Anderson, Henry C. (Stanwood) IPC 988*, 989
WW II:631
Anderson, Joe P. (Arlington vicinity) WW II:13
Anderson, John (Edmonds) HWW III:76
Anderson, John B. (Monroe) WW II:412
Anderson, John P. (Stanwood, Florence) WW II:607
Anderson, Lars (Marysville vicinity) WW II:594
Anderson, Louis (Marysville) IPC 947
Anderson, Michael (Silvana, G.Falls) WW II:429
Anderson, Ned H. (Snohomish) WW II:753
Anderson, O.Duncan (Everett) WW II:233
Anderson, Oliver (Everett) WW II:719
Anderson, Peter L. (Cedarhome) WW II:771
Anderson, Robert H. (Marysville) WW II:726
Anderson, Swan (south county) WW II:447
Andrus, Liew E. (Machias) WW II:328
Angevine, John Francis (Everett) IPC 913
Arentzen, Peter M. (Stanwood) WW II:732
Arlington Cooperative Association WW II:378
Armantrout, Charlie E. (Everett) WW II:450
Armstrong, John H. (Stanwood, Arlington) PHP II:458
Arndt, Alfred R. (Startup) WW II:653
Arndt, Carl (Startup) IPC 1110
Arp, Louis P. (Edmonds) IPC 952
Asbery, Isaac (Marysville) IPC 941
Ashe, Frank, Jr. (Granite Falls) WW II:462
Ashe, James (Granite Falls) WW II:462
Astel, George B. (Stanwood) HWW III:606
Ashley, Mabel Amin (Everett) BA 13
Atwood, Harry (Sultan) HWW III:563
Atwood, Henry L. (Granite Falls) IPC 1069
Atwood, Thomas J. (Sultan) WW II:297
Austin, Granis W. (Monroe) IPC 1093
Austin, Louville L. (Edmonds) PHP I:561
Averill, Howard Earl (Snohomish) BA 14
Aya, Louis C. (Everett) WW II:72
Babcock, Frank E. (Everett) HWW III:342
WW II:99
Backstrom, Ernest R. (Everett) WW II:22
Backstrom, Henry G. (Arlington) BA 14
Backstrom, Hugo (Everett, Lake Stevens) WW II:485
Bailey, Earle A. (Snohomish) WW II:351
Bailey, John C. (south county) WW II:722
Bailey, W.F. (Everett) WW II:295
Baird, F.C. (Snohomish) WW II:66
Baitinger, Henry E. (Index) IPC 1112
Bakeman, Charles H. (Snohomish) HH: I:479, 491*
IPC 850
WW II:600, 601*
Bakeman, George (Snohomish) IPC 862
Baker, Daniel S. (Arlington) IPC 1033
Baker, Frederick K. (Everett) IPC 917
Baker, Paul V. (Snohomish) WW II:31
Baker, S.M. (Everett vicinity) WW II:272
Baker, W.G. (Everett) WW II:88
Baldridge, Henry L. (Sultan, Darrington) IPC 1101
Ballinger, Douglas T. (Everett) WW II:128
Ballinger, Edward Bradley
(Everett, Edmonds, Lake Ballinger) BA 17
Bannwarth, Charles G. (Snohomish) PH IV:792
Barker, Benedict A. (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:413
Barlow, Carroll L. (Monroe) WW II:354
Barnes, George L. (Everett) WW II:24
Bartlett, Frank L. (Marysville) IPC 942
Bast, John H. (Everett) HWW III:262, 263*
WW II:262
Bauguess, William H. (Sultan) WW II:678
Baxter, Nathan N. (Sultan) IPC 1105
Beard, Lester L. (Everett) HWW III:511
Beatty, John F., (MD) (Everett) BA 21H
WW II:342
Bebb, Charles Herbert (Everett Theatre) SH VI:66*
Bedell, Lydia T. (south county) WW II:439
Beecroft, John Thomas (Everett) WW II:194
Bell Auto Freight Co (Everett) WW II:585
Bell, James Elijah (Everett) WW II:664
Bell, Ralph C. (Everett) BA 22
WW II:152
Bell, Walter P. (Everett) PHP I:398
WW II:229
Bender, Charlotte (Everett) HWW II:312*
Bender, John F. (Everett) IPC 907H
WW II:312*
Bengtson, Andrew (Monroe) IPC 1094
WW II:617
Bennett, W.E. (Everett) WW II:246
Bennie, David G. (Stanwood) WW II:270
Bennington, Melvin (Everett) WW II:284
Bentley, C.H. (Everett) WW II:338
Berg, John A. (Silvana vicinity) WW II:487
Berg, O.J. (Lake Stevens) WW II:292
Berg, Ole T. (Everett) WW II:319
Bergeson, E.B. (Everett) WW II:51
Bergeson, Soren (Darrington vicinity) WW II:750
Berry, Ernest L. (Everett) HWW III:349*
Best, James B. (Everett) WW II:195
Best, Mrs. James B. (Everett) BA 23
Bickford, Willis C. (Everett, Edmonds) HWW III:396
Bingham, Charles E. (Arlington) PH IV:763
Birckenmeier, Matthew (Arlington vic.) WW II:720
Birkestol, Iver J. (Norman vicinity) WW II:387
Birkestol, Ole (Norman vicinity) WW II:391
Birney, John F. (Everett) WW II:560
Bishop, Emirie L. (Everett) WW II:417
Black, Adam R. (Everett vicinity) WW II:291
Black, Lloyd L. (Mukilteo/Everett) BA 25
Black, Perry Morgan (Everett) BA 25
Black, William C. (Lowell) WW II:87
Black, William Wilson (Everett) PHP I:401
Blackman, Alanson A. (Snohomish) IPC 853
NH II:214, 454*
Blackman, Arthur M. (Snohomish) IPC 829
NH II:214
WW II:93
Blackman, Elhanan (Snohomish) IPC 851
NH II:214, 454*
Blackman, Hyrcanus (Snohomish) IPC 852
NH II:214, 454*
WW II:58, 59*
Blackman Bros. Mill (Snohomish) NH II:530*, 647
Blaine, Herbert S. (Snohomish) HWW II:451
Blair, Aaron L. (Arlington) IPC 1022, 1023*
Blake, Thomas (Sultan vicinity) WW II:489
Bloom, Ole T. (Marysville) HWW III:467
WW II:170
Bodell, William (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:489
Boeshar, L.J. (Everett) WW II:96
Boettner, Otto (Everett) WW II:724
Bohl, Ernest (Arlington) IPC 1044
Bolenbaugh, Jacob W. (Monroe vicinity) WW II:486
Boner, William H. (Everett) HWW II:199
PHP I:287
SH VI:150, 151*
WW II:222
Bonser, George W. (Stanwood) WW II:301
Booth, William R. (Everett) WW II:277
Borreson, Hans C. (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:699
Bortner, H.W. (M.D.) (Sultan) WW II:724
Botten, Iver (Silvana) IPC 1011
WW II:518
Bovee, Robert B. (Everett) WW II:627
Bowden, Theodore H. (Everett) WW II:158
Boyce, Patrick A. (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:785
Boyd, Samuel C. (Everett) WW II:340
Boyle, John L. (Everett, Snohomish) HWW II:58
PHP II:352
Boynton, Charles H. (Everett) HH I:505
Brackett, George (Edmonds) IPC 957*, 959
NH I:460*, II:221
PHP II:405
WW II:682, 683*
Brady, Alexander (Marysville vicinity) WW II:427
Brady, James (Edmonds) IPC 948
Brand, Albert (Arlington vicinity) WW II:497
Breckhus, Gilbert O. (Silvana) IPC 1014
Breckhus, Jacob G. (Silvana) IPC 1015
Breckhus, or Brekhus, John (Silvana) IPC 1016
WW II:651
Breckhus, Severt G. (Silvana) IPC 1013
Breed, Charles B. (south county) WW II:452
Brennan, John P. (Mukilteo) WW II:44
Brewer, Frank P. (Everett) PHP I:454
Bridgeford, Lewis W. (Everett) WW II:317
Brink, A. (Everett vicinity) WW II:109
Britt, W.J. (Everett) HWW III:532
Britton, Joseph C. (Arlington) IPC 1029
Brodeck, Albert A. (Everett) PHP I:456
WW II:307
Brokaw, C.W. (Stanwood) WW II:14
Brokaw, Hosmer A. (Marysville) BA 32
Brooks, Francis W. (Everett) HWW II:18
Brooks, Seabury J. (Everett) WW II:108
Brounty, Theodore (Arlington) HWW III:221
Brower, Harry G. (south county) WW II:442
Brown, Allen C. (M.D.) (Stanwood) WW II:408, 409*
Brown, Clyde Ferry (Stanwood) BA 33
Brown, Lon C. (Snohomish) WW II:284
Brown, Neil (Stanwood, Arlington) PHP II:455
Brown, Peter (Snohomish) IPC 862
Brown, William (Snohomish) IPC 865
Browne, Christian (Granite Falls) IPC 1068
Brownell, Francis H. (Everett) BA 34
PHP I:292
Brue, Andrew J. (Stanwood) IPC 993
Brue, Thomas A. (Stanwood) WW II:366
Bruseth, Nels (Silvana vicinity) WW II:763
Brush, Bert Jay (Everett) IPC 914
Brush, Frank O. (Granite Falls) WW II:571
Buchanan, Dr. Charles Milton (Tulalip) IPC 842
Buck, Fred S. (Sultan) IPC 1109
Buck, George Mead (Everett) WW II:286, 287*
Buell, Sylvester G. (Arlington) HWW II:301
WW II:64
Bunten, Walter M. (Arlington) WW II:693
Bunten, William H., Jr. (Arlington) WW II:697
Bunten, William H., Sr. (Arlington) IPC 1041
Burke, Elmer J. (Lowell) WW II:290
Burke, Vernon A. (Everett) WW II:245
Burkhardt, Henry W. (Everett) PHP I:480*
Burleson, Hiram H. (Edmonds) IPC 952
Burnett, C.D. (Everett) WW II:7
Burnett, Charles E. (Arlington) PH III:324
Burtt, Ashael Randolph (Everett) WW II:202, 203*
Butler, William C. (Everett) PHP II:357
Caithness, James P. (Everett) HWW II:161
Caldbick, Samuel L. (MD) (Everett) WW II:681
Campbell, John A. (Fortson) IPC 1079
WW II:665
Campbell, John L. (Darrington) IPC 1082
WW II:704
Campbell, Ray (Everett) WW II:639
Campbell, William (Sultan) BA 39
Carlson, Andrew (Florence) WW II:411
Carlson, Carl (Everett) HWW II:471
Carlson, Frank G. (Everett vicinity) WW II:330
Carlson, Fred (south county) WW II:425
Carlson, John (Monroe) WW II:475
Carlson, John A. (Everett vicinity) WW II:351
Carlson, John A. (Everett vicinity) WW II:201
Carlson, John B. (Everett vicinity) WW II:318
Carlson, Nels (Monroe vicinity) WW II:642
Carlson, Olaf (Everett) HWW II:18
Carlson, Peter A. (Edgecomb) WW II:7
Carpenter, Daniel I. (Granite Falls) HWW II:408
IPC 1059
Carpenter, Ira (Machias) IPC 1058
Carpenter, John C. (Arlington) BA 40
Carpenter, Nathan (Machias) WW II:317
Case, D.B. (Everett) WW II:349
Casey, Thomas A. (Sultan) HWW II:296
WW II:247
Castner, Bertrand P. (Everett) HWW II:542
Cathcart, Isaac (Snohomish) HH I:43*, 363
IPC 934* (port only?) NH I:444*, II:249
Cavanaugh, James (Arlington vicinity) WW II:786
Cavalero, Dominick (Everett) WW II:670, 671*
Cavalero, John (Everett vicinity) WW II:625
Cawley, Donald Johnson (Everett) PH IV:728
Cedergreen, Constance T. (Monroe vicinity) WW II:345
Cedergreen, Norman W. (Monroe vicinity) WW II:243
Cedergreen, Willard O. (Monroe vicinity) WW II:524
Challacombe, Nicholas B. (Everett) HWW III:10*
WW II:138
Chaloner, Samuel B. (Marysville) PHP I:479
Chandler, Claude E. (Mukilteo) WW II:101
Chappell, Burt E. (Granite Falls) BA 43
WW II:759
Chappell, Frank (MD) (Granite Falls) WW II:241
Chartrand, Felix (Oso) IPC 1075
Chase, Willie Eastman (Lowell) IPC 935
Chenier, Joseph (Darrington) IPC 1083
Chisholm, James (MD) (Everett) HWW III:636
WW II:141
Christensen, A.T. (Marysville vicinity) WW II:768
Christensen, C. (Arlington) WW II:132
Christensen, Emil (East Stanwood) HWW III:429
Christensen, Louis (Stanwood vicinity) WW II:474
Cicero, Stephen (Cicero) IPC 1072
Clark, Arthur Newman (Everett) WW II:280
Clark, George C. (Everett) HWW III:436
Clark, John J. (Everett) PHP I:395
WW II:48, 49*
Clark, William A. (Machias) IPC 1057
WW II:598
Clarke, S.D. (Everett) HWW III:601
Clarke, William D. (Everett) PHP II:132
Clausen, Lars P. (Silvana) IPC 1012
Cleary, Maurice Garrett (Everett) BA 44
Cleaveland, Elisha B. (Snoho, Marysville) PHP II:451
Cleaver, William H. (Everett) WW II:141
Cleveland, Charles Addison (Startup) WW II:197
Cloud, Ray Verner (Edmonds) BA 45
PH IV:779
Clough, David Marston (Everett) SH V:372
Clough, H.J. (Everett) WW II:257
Cobb, Charles H. (re: E.D.Smith, Lowell) SH V:201
Cochran, George M. (Snohomish) IPC 855
PHP I:490
WW II:77
Cockburn, Charles Gilbert (Lake Stevens) BA 45
Cole, Charles A. (Everett) HWW II:520
WW II:325
Collingwood, Ralph (Cicero) IPC 1073
Collins, Ulric L. (Snohomish, Everett) PHP II:211
Comeford, J.P. (Marysville) NH II:272, 290*
PHP II:462
Comegys, H.C. (Snohomish) WW II:70
Concrete Products Co. (Everett) WW II:721
Conner, Wellington P. (Everett) BA 48
Conners, Frank L. (Stanwood) IPC 993
Conners, Ward J. (Monroe vicinity) WW II:773
Conners, William (Stanwood) HWW III:630
IPC 981
Conoboy, Michael T. (Everett) WW II:98
Conover, Marion G. (Oso) WW II:675
Conrad, Chesley T. (Marysville) PHP II:392*
Cook, Caleb (Snohomish vicinity) WW II:637
Cook, Frederick Garfield (Snohomish) PH III:29
Cook, G.F. (Everett) WW II:145
Cook, Raymond Edward (Everett) BA 49
Cook, William (Sultan) IPC 1103
Cook, William W. (Monroe) WW II:295
Cooke, Sarah (Arlington) WW II:151
Cooley, Homer D. (Everett) WW II:152
Cooley, Percy P. (MD) (Monroe) WW II:603
Cooper, Frank L. (Everett) WW II:161
Corbeil, Joseph (Darrington) WW II:649
Corbin, S.Fred (Stanwood) HWW III:361
Corneil, George P. (Lowell) HWW III:312
Cornell, Cecil W. (Everett) WW II:43
Cornett, Alexander W. (Everett) WW II:238, 239*
Cornett, Elizabeth (Everett) WW II:239*
Cox, William C., (MD) (Everett) HWW II:100
IPC 921
PHP II:44*
WW II:146
Craigue, Nelson J. (Everett) WW II:382
Crawford, Herbert A. (Arlington vicinity) WW II:688
Crawford, Sidney Glen (Everett) BA 51
Crites, Oliver J. (Granite Falls) HWW II:633
Croft, William H. (Gold Bar) WW II:219
Crow, Joseph W. (Monroe) WW II:358, 359*
Culmback, Chris (Everett) HWW III:59
WW II:121
Curran, John C. (Everett) HWW II:464
Currie, Daniel (Everett) HWW II:544
WW II:162
Currie, James W. (Edmonds) IPC 949
Curtis, John H. (Granite Falls) BA 53
WW II:25
Cuthbert, Andrew (Norman) IPC 1009
Cuthbertson, W.L. (Everett) WW II:79
Cyphers, Levi H. (Snohomish) NH II:292

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