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General Policies
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What to Bring
A current Washington driver's license or ID card with photo and printed correct street address may be used to verify name and address.

If you use a Post Office Box, you will need to verify both your street address and your box number. Applicants living at the Port of Everett must show their live aboard form and moorage statement and also have proof of their mailing address.

Otherwise, use an item from each of the following lists to verify name and address.

Documents accepted to verify identity

  • Associated Student body (ASB) or YMCA card
  • DL or ID with a previous address, or an expired DL
  • Employee photo badge
  • Matricula Consular
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Photo credit card

Documents accepted to verify address

  • Car registration / insurance card
  • Business & Professional Mail including eBills dated within 60 days
       Examples: Electric Bill, Phone Bill, School Transcript, Bank Statement
  • Current rent / lease agreement
  • Printed checks
  • Voter's registration card


Along with ACCEPTED IDENTIFICATION you will further verify your eligibility by providing the following proof annually. Proof must include a current property, business or work address within the city limits of Everett.

  • Property tax stub
  • Business license
  • Pay stub or check