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General Policies
Loan Policies
Late Fees  
Overdue policy
The library is a community resource in which members share a collection of materials. Members have an obligation to return materials in a timely manner so that others may use them. Materials are due on the date stamped.

As a courtesy, the library reminds patrons of overdue material by telephone, email, or mail at 1 week and again at 2 weeks.  If items are not returned in a timely manner, a bill is sent for the replacement cost of the item plus an overdue fine of $3.50. The cost of the material is waived when the item is returned, however, the overdue fine remains.

The cost of the materials is waived when the items are returned; however, the processing fine remains.

If materials are not returned within 28 days from the billing date, the patronís account will be turned over to collections and an additional $20 fine will be added.

Overdue fines
To cover the cost of notifying patrons of late or lost material, the library charges a $3.50 overdue fine on each item billed to the patron's account.

Daily late fines
Fiction DVDs have a $0.50 per day late fine.